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Welcome to the Hadaka Shitsuji Wiki. This is a wiki dedicated to the visual novel "Hadaka Shitsuji" and it's Fandisk "Hadaka Shitsuji~Yarashitsuji&Yasashitsuji~". Anybody is allowed to edit it.

Note: This wiki contains Boys' Love visual novels that are intended for mature audiences.


Hadaka Shitsuji (裸執事 - Japanese for "Naked Butler") is a Japanese visual novel that centers around Maeda Tomoaki (前田 智明), a poor college student who gets fired from his restaurant job after punching a customer who was harassing his coworker. After failing several job interviews, he searches through his accumulated mail to find a flyer that pays 30,000 yen daily for a month. After thinking it sounds suspicious, he decides to visit the address listed on the flyer. Arriving at the gates of Kamishiro Estate, Tomoaki is greeted by Sakuma Kyouichi, a butler that works and lives at the estate. Now pulled into the world of the rich, Tomoaki struggles to find the meaning behind his job as he gradually grows accustomed to his new lifestyle, slowly having more and more sadistic tenancies surface as the days go by in the estate.


Hadaka Shitsuji (Naked Butler) Opening Video